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SS3 Ultima - (XL Home Tandoori Clay Oven - UK/EU)

SS2 Standard Model of Tandoori Clay Oven

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SS3 Deluxe - (XL Home Tandoori Clay Oven UK/EU)


Ideal for up to 30-35 people

Accessories included: 10 x SS Skewers, 2 x SS Nan Rods, 1 x Nan Gaddi/Cushion, 1 x SS tandoor bbq grill/griddle, 1 x weatherproof cover

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 Portable large size domestic stainless steel charcoal fired Tandoori clay oven. Ideal for up to 30-35 people

Our SS3 range of portable tandoori ovens are the biggest we do in home cooking. Inside temperature of these charcoal fired clay ovens can reach up to 400 degrees c which cooks your food like no other BBQ. With dry heat inside the oven, It will cook your meat to the perfection - crisp from outside and moist juicy from inside. As the fat drips on the charcoal, what you get is fat free lean meat on your plate. Buy today and start getting the benefit of oil free healthy cooking. That’s a promise from PURI’s
Stylish stainless steel outer casing with authentic hand crafted clay oven inside which is well insulated to maximise heat retention.


Our SS3 deluxe model comes with following free accessories:

1 x stainless steel lid with brass handle
8 x stainless steel skewers with wooden handles (6mm square skewers)
2 x stainless steel skewers with wooden handles (4mm square skewers)
2 x stainless steel naan bread rods
1 x naan bread cushion / Gaddi
1 x lump of clay for repairs
1 x stainless steel BBQ Grill
1 x weatherproof cover
Diameter            : 45.8cm / 458mm / 18"
Height                : 81.3cm / 813mm / 36"
Mouth diameter  : 28cm/ 280mm / 11"
Weight               : 70kgs
For more details, please check the dimensions picture above

Packed in wooden box (Approx. 95 Kgs)

L x W x H: 56 x 61 x 99 (cms)
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