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Baffle Plate

Lump Wood Charcoal - Out of Stock -

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Lump Wood Charcoal
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A 12 Kgs charcoal bag will last 4-5 BBQ session in our tandoori oven


We at PURI's have been testing Lump wood charcoal for many months now and must have tried over 10 different kinds. At last, we have found the best cooking charcoal that is highly recommend to be used with our tandoori ovens where consistent high quality, subtle barbecued taste and ease of use are most important. It’s an incredible cooking charcoal known for its clean cooking experience with longer heat duration.

A note from our supplier:

Our charcoal contains only pure, large lump wood pieces without any of the fillers, additives or binding agents that are so common in other brands. The lump wood pieces are made from sustainably sourced and natural hardwood - you can tell its quality when you see how easily they are lit! They are ready to use quicker than charcoal, and by having larger pieces you get a longer burn. We make sure all dust and small fragments are sieved from our charcoal, leaving just the best fuel.

You'll find that our charcoal is easy to use, easy to clean up afterwards and leaves a tiny amount of ash residue. You'll get that subtle barbecue taste, whether at home or for commercial cooking.

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