From: Frank Wilson (UK)

Picked up my oven at mid day, got it home unpacked it. I have to say a big thanks, it's amazing. The staff were great, sadly wife says I can't use it till Christmas :(. So thanks for the awesome oven, can't wait now to put videos of me cooking on youtube. Cheers

From: Kat (UK)

We absolutely love the tandoor, did our first proper cook yesterday and it's brilliant! We have had lots of friends enquire about it too and have recommended you guys to them :) can't wait to start experimenting with breads!

From: Raghav (Hong Kong)

So I got the tandoor and tried it. It is fantastic. Really works well and looks great. Packing and delivery was excellent as well! Thanks.

From: Howard Walsh (UK)


Just to say a big thank you for your help.

I did Tandoori chicken and Garam Masala Lamb I’ve ever eaten.................just didn’t make enough, my son turned up with his friend then my next door neighbour. I’ve posted the photos on my Facebook page and Celeb Chef Tony Singh like it and commented, together with Sharon Haseley both said they where going to buy one too

From: Gulshan Parasher (NewMexico, USA)

I received the Tandoor and accessories today. Everything is in perfect shape and reached here fine. I am very happy with the purchase so far. Your timely reply to emails and customer support was superb. Would recommend  you guys to my other colleagues in New Mexico.


From: Candice Lea (Australia)

Thanks to everyone for being so quick and professional.

Our SS2 oven arrived today, perfect timing as it is my partner's birthday today (this is what I wanted it for)

He is over the moon excited and is thoroughly impressed with the cookbook. Friends have already offered to kill a goat so they can come over! Lol. Im sure we will get a lot of enjoyment for many years. Thank you all again for your excellent service. Will definitely recommend you to friends.

Kind Regards

From: Neil Scott (Spain)

I purchased this a year ago and it was delivered safely to me in Spain but due to illness I only managed to season it and use it once, today I used it fully and can honestly say I have never tasted better chicken Tikka ever, if you have any doubt on buying one of these dont, just choose the right size...and buy a Nomex glove to put your Naan in and get the wingnuts off the skewers....

Note from Admin: By wingnuts, Neil means skewer stoppers which you can buy from our products page..

From: Katharina (Sweden)


The missing skewer stoppers have arrived. Many thanks for your excellent after-sales service. We are extremely happy with the tandoor. It really is a fine product. 

Thanks again, Kate & Stuart Darlison

From: Colum Clancy (UK)

What can as say, I ordered a SS1 ultimate from you on Sunday, it was delivered to my door today, and was exactly as described on you web site. Having, also made an error on the order on Sunday by not applying the discount code, I phoned the number on the web site explained what I had done, and was told we will sort it out. Initial thoughts this could take a while going backwards and forwards, but no dealt with there and then, plus an E:Mail to say my card has been credited. 
As a frequent visitor to India, I cannot wait to get up and running, and try to attempt to create the fantastic food from a great nation, rather that get disappointed from the commercial rubbish sold over here. 
Finally, I wish I had found you web site years ago, great value for money, plus outstanding customer service, even when the customer got it wrong. If every web site operated as efficiently and seamlessly as yours, life would be easy.

From: Didier Van Riel (Belgium)

Thanks for the parcel that I got today and for the excellent service you and your company gave to me. I have includes some pics of me unpacking the crate ( felt like a child that got it’s Christmas present) and a short video of me performing the first burn. As I knew I could expect the parcel today, I have had some chicken marinating overnight, so I’ll be having my first tandoori skewers tonight!!!

Kind regards

Please note: Pictures & video that our customer mentions has been posted to our facebook page. Please like us on facebook and get updates

From: Ralph (UK)

A big Thank You for quick delivery, lovely quality item & well packed. Will use you again. Have to go now for first burn.

Best Regards

From: Derek Wilson (Bolton)

I just wanted to say a big thank you for the prompt service and delivery of my new Tandoor oven. It arrived at 8.30 this morning and in perfect condition thanks to the well secured packaging. It looks absolutely amazing and I know I shall have many years of pleasure and happiness from using this. Not to mention the numerous friends that will be dropping by to have a look at it!!

Kindest Regards

From: Dr HM Ramsay

I just wanted to let you know that the tandoor arrived safely exactly as you had arranged  - many thanks. It has been received by my husband for his birthday with much delight. We have already had some delicious chicken and beef, using ideas from the book that came with it. We are looking forward to

trying out some bread soon.

From: Glenda and Gregor Morrison (Switzerland)

Hi, I kept meaning to come on here and leave some feedback, so here goes, we bought this from you 2yrs ago and your service was above and beyond, great advice too, this was the best purchase we have ever made, was a gift for my hubby, who is now the King of the Tandoor.. our chicken tikka and naan bread is as good as any restaurant and especially here in Switzerland where it is so difficult to find a good Indian Restaurant. Our friends love coming round for Tandoor parties!

We wish you continued success and can't wait to watch the ITV1 programme featuring this fine oven.. Thanks again.

From: Susan Oh (Germany)

I just wanted to let you know that I did receive my tandoori oven and my husband LOVES it!! Thank you so much for your time and help, I truly appreciate it all!

we are planning to use it Friday night for the first time.. Thanks again, your customer service is awesome and far better than I have ever come across!! You and your company uphold a standard that I wish all companies would follow..but certainly you have out done yourselves!!

I would recommend you to anyone!! thanks so much

From: Kjetil Vatnem (Norway)

I must say that im very impressed over my shopping with you. I ordered last saturday night and receved my tandoor 6 days later on my door in Haugesund Norway. The tandoor is the best. 

From: Paul Edge (UK)

I purchased a tandoor oven from you in early August this year and picked it up from your warehouse in Nottingham, I am absolutely delighted with it and would never again consider using a conventional bbq. I can honestly say I have had my moneys worth of enjoyment out of my tandoor in the first summer I bought it!!

From: Mr Higs (UK)

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I have successfully converted my SS2 tandoor in to a Gas Tandoor. Now I can use my SS2 as charcoal OR Gas. Two in one, works great in both. Many thanks

From: Robert Christ (USA)

We cooked in the tandoor last evening. I made Chicken Tikka and veggie kebabs. I also made naan bread with good success. Delicious. Thank you for making tandoors available in USA and thank you again for the great customer service.

From: Wilson James (Swiz)

Dear Sir

Today I got my Tandoor, I am so happy, its a beautifull piece, I hope I will also manage to use it and make delicious food.

Thank you for your good service and prompt delivery.

From: John Davidson (UK)

What a wonderful product your tandoor is!

I did the "first burn" at the beginning of the week and last night got a chance to cook in it. I just cooked the best chicken tikka that I have ever tasted :)
We had some visitors up to our house last night and they absolutely loved it......they are even considering purchasing one, so I'll be sure to pass on your company's details.

From: Andrew Thompson (UK) 

My oven arrived today at 10-30 am thank you. All unpacked and in PERFECT CONDITION - - that is so fantastic. I have just lit it, not to cook on but to harden off the clay. It is so much better than I ever expected - a real piece of class, so shiny too!

Thank you ever so much for your EXCELLENT service and advice.

With very best wishes

From: Kevin Hale (UK)

Hi, most impressed with the tandoor, we gave it a go last night, all the smells and tastes of India in our back garden. Much easier than even our gas BBQ.

Kind regards

From: Nailesh (UK)

Hi its Nailesh, see pic of my Tandoor on the weekend. Did 1 1/2 chicken plus tikka never tasted food so succulent & I have had webers & all sort of bbqs. Great keep up the good work.

From: Paul Sinclair (UK)

I recently bought an SS2 Ultima from you. UPS had messed up the delivery and delivered without the tables etc.

I wanted to thank you for phoning me back outside of your office hours within half an hour of me emailing you and your help in sorting the issue promptly. It was also nice that you spent some time on the phone to me chatting through how to get the best out of the tandoor. As a result we had a lovely royal wedding party and our guests loved the food.
I have just bought a great book "Tandoor - The great Indian Barbecue" by Ranjit Rai so am looking forward to a great summer of cooking
Once again, thank you for your help and the enthusiasm you displayed when you phoned

From: Sarah Holland (Jersey, channel islands)


My tandoori oven arrived in 3 days. Very good delivery times to Jersey.

From: Martin Carton (Ireland)

Hi - just a short mail to let you know that I have now received the replacement oven and am absolutely delighted with it, it performs even better that I had hoped and I'm looking forward to many enjoyable evenings into the future of tandoor meals with friends and family.

Kind regards,

From: Karen (UK)

We have received our tandoor today and we are so impressed with it's look so well made and cannot wait to get using it. 

Many thanks for sorting the delivery for us it was very professional and we will definitely be recommending your company to our friends.

Thank you

From: Don (UK)

Many Thanks, just received delivery of the Tandoori Oven, and must say I am very impressed with the service. Everything intact and complete, and if the food turns out as good as the oven looks we will be well satisfied.

Now looking forward to our first home cooked Tandoori

From: Brian (UK)


Just want to thank you for your excellent service yesterday and for going out of your way so I could get some charcoal
We used the tandoor last night and the chicken is at a new level just like the restaurants
The tandoor is a show piece and would recommend you and your company with out hesitation 
Thanks from a very satisfied customer brian
P.S dont forget to send the recipes

From AUSTRALIA: Other forums talking about us

From: Tony Heaven (UK)

I would just like to say that my tandoor oven arrived very quickly and safely yesterday , incredibly fast !

I haven't yet tried it out but look forward to warmer weather and sumptuous tikka and tandoori.
Many thanks

From: Dan (UK)

My kids say that was the best chicken they ever tasted... good enough for me

From: Kirk Hemmings (UK) 

Hi Sumeet,

I have now had my SS1 a little over a month and must congratulate you on a superb product. I have allways enjoyed cooking in the garden and also have a love for Indian food but could never get the taste and texture right using a conventional BBQ then I found your website and boy what a diffeance this little Tandoor has made to us. Finally I can cook authentic Chicken Tikka at home! I recently had a few Friends and Family around and I think you may well be getting a few orders as a result! I have even cooked a whole leg of Lamb using 6 skewers in just over 45mins!
Onace again many thanks for all you help both before and after I purchased the Tandoor from you.
Kindest regards Kirk

From: Shikha (London, UK)

Opened the wooden case and three words came to my mind


Go on treat yourself, you deserve it

Many thanks

From: Kevin Gill (UK)

The oven is brill have now used it 3 times and i can say it is so easy to use and cooks very well, the food is stunning and we shall use it at every chance we get. Your service was very good and the product is very well made thanks again.

From: Adam Hughes (Oldham)

Hi Sumeet,

Thought I would let you know how happy I am with the tandoor! Its so easy to use and the results are excellent! The lamb and chicken tikka I cooked at the weekend were spectacular! I will never have to use a takeaway again to get the authentic taste of a tandoori oven and the oven will get a lot of use this summer! Its so easy to clean, unlike when a conventional BBQ is used. I would recommend to anyone your product as is of good quality and gives excellent authentic results!

From: Adam (Leicester, UK) 


We do lot of BBQ in Leicester & must admit, this is something we should have bought ages ago. The food prepared in tandoor was so different & tasty which I am sure no conventional BBQ can achieve. I must thank you for this great piece of kit which not only cooks food but also serves as a chimney whilst food is prepared. I am very impressed. Keep up the good work.
Good luck, Adam

From: Ian & Heather (Conrwall, UK) 

Hello Sumeet, 

We just had our first tandoori supper in the evening sun - it was lovely. Thank you for the great service (something Britain is loosing...).
We wish you all the best, good luck with the sales!
Many thanks, 
Ian and Heather

From: Raj & Shru (Nottingham, UK) 

Having grown up in India, I was really excited when I found out Tandoor being available on the web. After searching over the web, I found this web site which comparatively sold cheaper than its competitors and ordering was piece of cake. My initial reaction was the product is heavy to carry (however according to chefs, the heavier the tandoor, better is the cooking result). I would suggest getting delivery organised if possible. 

Cooking was extremely easy – it requires same preparation that you would typically need for a regular BBQ but with a greater taste and enjoyment. The food taste is awesome, it reminded me of streets of Delhi where I have enjoyed so many occasions of eating mouth watering roast chickens, kebabs , naans cooked in Tandoor. 
The taste was just fantastic and so different from a regular BBQ. A great product which I would highly recommend to anyone who enjoys their food!

From: Mubashir & Farah (Luton, UK)

Hi Sumeet,

Being the owner of a Greek rotisserie and a conventional BBQ, I can confidently say that my new Tandoor is the best product I have for outdoor cooking. I have used this 5 times in August 2008 alone!!!! especially as it was the wettest August since records began! I am beginning to master the art of making rotis and successfully made tandoori chicken, leg of lamb and seekh kebabs! For anyone else contemplating whether to buy it, trust me, you will not be disappointed. Once you open the crate, the quality is quite obvious, it's well packaged, shiny stainless steel from the outside, two handles and wheels for ease of transport. The accessories are nice too and a waterproof cover which does exactly that! I found the Tandoor once hot, remains hot for a long time and I've placed the cover over the tandoor whilst it was warm/hot as the weather was suspect. I have bought 12 bags of charcoal and briquettes and no I'm not joking :-) ...... just need the weather!
Thanks for a great product, a wonderful experience and endless fun entertaining my family.

From: Sami (Nottingham, UK)

Hi Sumeet,

We used this tandoor couple of weeks ago with our friends and family , and i must tell you the experience was incredible . Not only we relished the juicy kebabs and the naans, this stainless steel ,shiny beauty added glamour to my garden. Thanks dear and keep up the good work!!!

From: Manit Singh (London)

Dear Mr. Puri,

Wanted to congratulate you on making such a fabulous product .Ever since I came to Britain  I felt deprived of that tasty ,juicy  chicken availaible back in homeland. Being a hard core  Indian and that punjabi too, I was missing on mouth watering chicken tikkas and kebabs. Thanks to u , after almost a decade I have had the food I was looking for. This is perhaps the best possible purchase I have made of late and at such a reasonable price. I wish u more success

From: Sarah (Kent)

Placed order for SS1 Monday afternoon at 14:30, received delivery next day at 10:00 in the morning. beat that.. huh! 

From: Steven (Gloucestershire)

Got delivered next working day, have been using it almost daily (10 times in 2 weeks). Great experience. No need to pay for expensive takeaways anymore. Was using it in the rain under marquee, will be sending pictures to Sumeet. Good luck with the sales.

From: Paul Whthey (Coventry)

I'm loving it. Ever time I fire her up she never lets me down. The food is exquisite and tastes so authentic. My friends and family keep coming back for more Tandoori food. I would recommend that everyone should purchase a Tandoor. The best thing I have purchased in a long time. Also thanks for the trouble free purchase and delivery and the after sales contact.

From: Paul Miller (Derbyshire)

Following our purchase of an SS2 from you,  I would like to thank you for the help and assistance you gave. The oven is very well made and would not hesitate in recommending it to anybody looking to purchase one.

The food produced from this oven exceeded my expectations.
Thank you, Paul